Calliope-Tasarım Dresuar
Calliope-Tasarım Dresuar
Calliope-Tasarım Dresuar
Calliope-Tasarım Dresuar

Calliope-Design Dresuar (209375)

Price : €1.200,00
Barkod : 2455997516634

Length: 125 cm

Width 25 cm

Height 75 cm

Table Thickness 2 cm

Travertine is a natural and durable rock shaped by the fire of volcanoes and bearing the traces of thousands of years. This material adds value to your home both aesthetically and functionally. As Fennes Home, we offer you simple and stylish travertine dresuar models by carefully processing travertine.

Travertine stones are patiently processed by hand labor under difficult conditions. Our quality craftsmen carefully cut, shape, polish and polish these materials and add the finishing touches. Thus, we preserve the natural and organic forms of travertine and create furniture designs suitable for your home.

Since stone is a natural material with texture, color tones and vein paths, it makes each product unique and one-of-a-kind. In addition, the surface of the stone is matte and has unique tiny pores. These differences are an indication of the naturalness of travertine. Please place your order taking these into consideration. If you wish, the pores of the stone can be closed and the surface can be matt or polished with a special order. Our recommendation is porous and matte form. It will add a natural elegance to your home.

The base is ideal for all kinds of floor surfaces because of the protective fabric used on the underside. It is also possible to customize travertine dresuares. You can order with different natural stone, marble and wood color options and in the sizes you want. All you have to do is click the WhatsApp order button and contact us. The prices of our travertine dresuar are very affordable and competitive. From the moment you place an order, your product is prepared and delivered to you as soon as possible. Our products are guaranteed for 1 year and if you have any problems, it will be enough to contact us. You can read the experiences of our other customers by browsing the travertine dresuar reviews on our site. You can also visit our frequently asked questions page for your questions such as how to make travertine dresuar, what are its advantages, how to maintain it, how to clean it, how to clean it, whether it stains.

If you want to add a natural elegance to your home, don't wait any longer. Order travertine dresuar from our site immediately and experience the difference.

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