Fennes Home Showroom

Fennes Home showroom offers you a different and stylish home decoration with its magnificent craftsmanship and unique designs. In our showroom, you can see the stone texture closely, choose the products suitable for your home or create special orders.

Our showroom is organized as a home concept and will make you feel like you are at home. Our showroom is located in Arnavutköy, Istanbul and is open every day of the week between 09:00-18:00. You can reach us at any time from our contact number 0850 308 50 14.


Not every product is available in our showroom, some products are prepared as special orders. For this reason, you need to order in advance to get the product you want. To place an order, you can come to our showroom or contact us at our contact number and specify the product you want. We will inform you about the order process and delivery time. Fennes Home offers you quality and stylish products. We are waiting for you in our showroom


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