Fennes Home, which emerged as a combination of inspiration, modernity and family ties, transfers years of experience to its designs. Born from the coming together of Ferhat Yaşar, an interior designer and content producer, and his brothers, Fennes Home reflects its quality with both its designs and experience.

A Journey from Childhood Dreams to Years of Experience

Inspired by the power of family ties, Fennes Home's story dates back to childhood. The dreams dreamed, the plans made as they grew up and the experiences gained over the years are the most important details that bring together the birth of the brand. Fennes Home, which incorporates pieces inspired by the trends of modern times and is on the manufacturer side, welcomes its customers as a big family.

Each design of our brand, which takes its name from the initials of the names in the family, turns into a unique work and adds vitality to homes and offices.

Minimal Details, Functional Designs

Today's changing architectural perception and modern innovations sought in interiors form the basis of minimal living. Keeping pace with these new foundations, Fennes Home not only creates designs that appeal to customer needs and tastes, but also offers products that will emphasize original and functional effects. In this way, we design timeless spaces with technological, functional and stylish solutions according to vital needs and realize more than imagined.

Fennes Home's bold and different ideas are not only shaping the change in the sector, but also reflected in interiors, design products and objects, merging with its contemporary vision. Our brand, which reflects comfort and elegance to you with a unique look, realizes productions based on up-to-date technology, which increases customer loyalty.

Along with technological investments, all stages are reviewed for durability and functionality in the production process where building element samples are included. The materials required for long-term use are carefully selected; travertine, wood, metal and marble materials are presented to the buyer with names that have a story. Travertine material, which is especially emphasized in the designs, is created with organic stones and combined with the simplicity and modernity of Scandinavian-style decoration, bringing a pleasant comfort in all areas.

Special Project Design and Decoration Works

Every work we do by prioritizing the demands, needs and tastes of our customers is among our special project designs. All designs of Fennes Home, the current name of decoration and interior design, continue to be produced with great care by our own production power. These designs, which consist of limited numbers and special projects, contain originality in every detail.


Fennes Home maintains the principle of customer loyalty by meeting you through its corporate account with thousands of followers on social media as well as its online store.

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