Handcrafted natural materials meet minimal and modern aesthetics. Fennes Home is a brand that prioritizes the healthy, aesthetic and functional use of natural stones and wood. Our Scandinavian style furniture manifests itself in living room and dining room sets with minimalist and extraordinary designs. Our natural wood furniture has a unique character and originality with handcrafted natural materials. We offer a wide range of products from balcony and garden furniture to shelves and decorative accessories.

Fennes Home turns the designs of your dreams into reality with special project work. We develop special designs for architects and produce special furniture according to the wishes of our customers. We also produce customized furniture pieces using natural materials such as natural stones like travertine and marble. Volcanic rocks are shaped with the meticulous labor of our craftsmen and we offer aesthetic products where you can feel the beauty of nature in your homes and workplaces.

Fennes Home is a brand preferred by those who are looking for more than just functionality. We offer a wide range of products for rooms that reflect your character and eye-catching living rooms. While the extraordinary designs of our living room sets are crowned with quality and functional furniture, our dining room sets allow you to set eye-catching tables for your guests. We offer specially designed desks and bookcases to increase productivity in your study rooms.

Fennes Home fulfills all the conditions that take care of your health with our world-class products. With the selection of materials that do not contain harmful chemicals and the use of harmless paints, we optimize the efficiency you will get from a piece of furniture. We offer personalized installment opportunities with our affordable price policy at We also offer advantageous shopping opportunities with periodic campaigns. Everything you need to renew your home is at Fennes Home!

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